Unrecorded Will of Holly Sparks (~1805 - bef 1865)

South Carolina
Union District

Know all men by these presents that I Holly Sparks of Union District
 State aforesaid being in good health of sound and disposing mind and
memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby 
revoking all former wills by me at any time maid and as to my worldly
estate and all the property real personal or mixed(?) of which I shall
die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of
my decease I devise bequeath and dispose thereof in the manner following
To Wit:  
First my will is that alll of my debts and funeral expences shall be paid 
out of my estate as sune after my decease as shall be found convenient I 
give devise and bequeath to my beloved daughter Martha M Sparks all of 
my estate real and personal or mixed of which I shall die seized and 
possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my death to have
and to hold the same to her and her executors adminstrators and assigns for
ever and provided never the less should my daughter Martha M. Sparks die
leaving my lawful or bodly heirs my will is that all of the property real or
personal or mixed of wich I shall be entitled to at my deese be equaly 
divided between two of my grand daughters namely Mary Barnett daughter of 
Charles and Saroann Barnett and Lafair Barnett daughter of Joiles and Mary 
Barnett Either by seling or dividing as may by them or their Executors adms
see fit in testimony wherof I the said Holly Sparks, have to this my last 
will and testament contained on one sheet of paper I have subscribed my name 
by making a marke and affixed my seal that the seventh day of August in year 
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty three.

Signed Sealed published                           her
and declared by the said                    Holly X Sparks
Holly Sparks as and for her                       mark
Last Will and testament in this 
presence of us who at her request and
in her presence of and in the presence
of each other have subscribed our
names as witnesses theret
Abel Barnett

Box 23 Package 16
Note attached to this file: Judge of Probate Union, SC 30-April-1953. Mr. Claude Sparks, found the paper designated as the Will of Holly Sparks, in some old detached papers upstairs storage room. There is no record of this will in any of the indices in this office, and it is very probable that same was never actually formerly admitted to Probate, but if so the(sic) does not appear to be any record of same. This will is place in a package and on the index. The will is dated 7-August-1863.
A.G.Kennedy Probate Judge

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