Early Hammonds Deeds in Scott Co, Virginia

The early (1815-1850) Hammonds' public records in Scott County, Virginia are complicated because
there are 2 Absalom Hammonds/Hammons. One of the Absaloms signed the petition to form Scott
County in 1814. Scott County became a county in 1815 & was formed from parts of Russell,
Lee & Washington Counties.

In the 1820 federal census, they were designated as Absalom Sr. and Absalom Jr. An easy assumption
would be to say that they are father & son. However in some older records, Sr. & Jr.
are actually uncle & nephew or any older and younger person with the same name.

Here, I am assuming that the two Absaloms are father & son with the first 2 deeds involving the
older Absalom Hammonds, who was a Revolutionary War Soldier.

Absalom Hammonds (1754-1847) (Harry's 4th great grandfather)

1820 - Absalom Hammons bought 30 acres from John Penly/Penley
Deed - Absalom Hammons from John Penly

1825 - Absalom Hammons & his wife Mary sold those 30 acres to John McIver
Deed - Absalom Hammons & his wife Mary to John McIver

Absalom Hammonds, Jr. (abt 1784 -1870) (Harry's 3rd great-grandfather)
1829 - Absalom, Jr. bought 30 acres from Alford/Alfred Prewett & his wife Nancy
Deed - Absalom, Jr. from Alford/Alfred Prewett

1836 - Absalom, Jr. bought 50 acres from James Fulcher
Deed - Absalom Hammons from James Fulcher

1851 - Absalom & his wife Peggy Hammons sold 35 acres to Thomas W. Templeton
Deed - Absalom Hammons & his wife Peggy to Thomas W. Templeton

1854 - Absalom bought 100 acres to Ira & Ann Penley
Deed - Ira & Ann Penley to Absalom

Anderson Hammonds (1820-1900) (Harry's great-great-grandfather)

1853 - Anderson Hammons bought 150 acres from William & Mary Ann Hammons
Deed - Anderson Hammons from William & Mary Ann Hammons