Scott County, Virginia Deed Book 10, p. 294

Know all men by these presents that I Ira Penley and Ann Penley his wife of Scott County and
State of Virginia for and in consideration of one hundred & seventy five dollars to them in hand paid by
Absalom Hammonds if the said county and state aforesaid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged
I have bargained sold and conveyed until Absalom Hammonds a certain tract or parcel of land lying
and being in the county of Scott on the North side of the central ridge containing by supposition one
hundred acres and bounded as follows to wit beginning on the top of the chest ridge on a hickory &
dogwood. Tho's (Thomas) W. Templeton comes then along said Templeton line N36 Esg poles to
dogwood & chestnut N46 E28 poles to a white oak N68 E23 poles to again N45 E18 poles to a forked
poplar then leaving said Templeton's like and along a marked line made by Ira Penley & Hiram Penley
to a lynn & sugar tree near the bed a spring them down the middle of a branch to John Typton's line
then with said Typton's lines to the top of the chestnut ridge to a corner or a chestnut & hickory &
dogwood them along two line of poles to again said Templeton's comes in the line of said Hammonds
old survey then along several of his lines to a beginning contained one hundred acres be the same more
or less to have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land with all its appurtenances unto the said
Hammonds and his heirs warranted the title of said land against himself & his heirs and Hugh McClung
and Charles McClung and Charles McClung in all dec'd (decreed) and all person or persons by under or
through them.
Given under our hands and sets this the 12th day of April of 1854.

						Ira Penley  {seal}
						Ann my mark X Penley {seal}

Scott County to wit
I John D. Templeton a justice of the peace for the county of aforesaid in the state of Virginia do
certify that Ira Penley whose name is assigned to the writing within bearing date on the 12th day of
April 1854 has acknowledged the same before me and my county aforesaid.
Given under my hand this 29th day of April 1854.

						John D. Templeton 

Scott County to wit
We John D. Templeton and James D. Parson justices of the peace for said county and state of
Virginia do certify that Ann Penley the wife of Ira Penley whose names are assigned to writing within
bearing date in the 12th day of April 1854 personally appeared before us in the county aforesaid and
being examined by us privily and apart from her husband and having the writing aforesaid fully
explained to her she the said Ann Penley acknowledge the said writing to be her act and declared that
she has willing excepted the sane and does not wish to retract it.
Given under our hands this 29th day of April 1854,

					John D. Templeton 
					James D. Parson

Virginia Scott County Court Clerk's office
This deed for land from Ira Penley & wife to Absalom Hammonds was received & together
with the certificates heron admitted forever.
Given under my hand this 19th day of June 1854