Scott County, Virginia Deed Book 9, p. 411-12

Know all men by these present that I Absalom and Peggy Hammons his wife of Scott County &
State of Virginia for and in consideration of the sum of eighty dollars to them in hand paid by Thomas
W. Templeton of Scott County and State aforesaid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have
bargained and sold and conveyed unto the said Thomas W. Templeton his heirs or assigns forever a
certain tract or parcel of land lying within the County of Scott it being a part of said Absalom
Hammons old tract of land Beginning on the top of the Chesnut ridge on said Templeton corner and in
the line of said Hammonds old tract of land on a hickory & dogwood then along the closeing line of
said Hammons old survey S30 E81 poles to a chesnut & dogwood the beginning corner of said survey
S32 W71 poles to a poplar N45 W40 poles to a poplar N30 W20 poles to a white oak N41 #18 poles to
a black oak N23 W40 poles to a black gum & dogwood on the top of the chesnut ridge a corner of said
Templeton land then a strait line to the beginning containing thirty five acres be the same more or less
to have and to hold the above described land with all the appurtenances in any wise belonging
thereunto unto the said Thomas W. Templeton his heirs or assigns forever and they will warrant the title
of said land against all persons whomsoever will warrant and forever defend.
Given under our hands and seals this 13th day September 1851,

					Absalom Hammonds {seal}
					Peggy her X mark Hammonds {seal}

Scott County to wit:
I, Lewis B. Dulaney a justice of the peace for the County aforesaid in the state of Virginia do
certify that Absalom Hammons whose name is assigned to the writing within bearing date on the day
of has acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid. Given under my hand this 13 day
of September 1851.

						Lewis B. Dulaney, J.P.

Scott County to wit:
We Lewis B. Dulaney and John A. Manus justices of the peace for the county of Scott and State
of Virginia do certify that Peggy Hammons the wife of Absalom Hammons whose names are assigned
to the within bearing date the 13th day of September 1851 personally appeared before us in the county
aforesaid and being examined by us privily and apart from her husband and having the writing
aforesaid fully explained to her she the said Peggy Hammons acknowledges the same and does not
wish to retract it. Given under our hands this 13 day of September 1851.

						Lewis B. Dulaney, J. P.
						John A. Manus, J. P.

This deed for land from Absalom Hammons & wife to Thomas W. Templeton certified to have
been acknowledged before magistrates, was received in the clerk office of the County Court of Scott
County Va, on this 18th day of September 1851 and admitted to record.

						J. O. Wood, C. S. C.